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Insulin pen needles designed to suit every lifestyle

Created for the 21st Century

The first insulin pen needle with a built-in removal chamber for convenient needle change and storage.

Diabetes pentips with built-in removal chamber

Built for Life!

High quality insulin pentips that have been thoughtfully designed to make your life on the go, or at home, easier.

Integrated Safety

Unifine ® Pentips ® Plus is the world‘s first integrated pen needle system comprising the same high quality needles as Unifine ® Pentips ® but also featuring an integrated needle removal chamber.

Improved Regime

Experts agree that a good injection when using injection pens is the immediate removal of the pen needle after injection and replacement with a new needle just prior to injection. 1,2

Safe Click Technology™

Unifine ® Pentips ® Plus uses unique Safe Click Technology™ that indicates when used needles are secured into the locking chamber, providing a convenient solution for needle disposal on-the-go.

1. Diabetes care in the UK, The First UK Injection Technique Recommendations, 2nd Edition.
2. Ginsberg B.H., J.L. Parkes, C. Sparacino: The kinetics of diabetes drug administration by diabetes pens. Horm. Metab. Res. 26: 584-587 (1994).

Made For Everyone

Unifine ® Pentips ® Plus is available on the NDSS in five needle lengths – 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12 mm – and is fully compatible with your insulin injection pen.

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Unifine ® Pentips ® Plus is available on the NDSS but there is no need to rush out the door. If you send us your details we’ll send you some free samples to try!